Maud school 2015

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International school: Trento, 19-23 October 2015

Materials Characterisation by Combined Analysis

This international school will cover many aspects of the “Combined Analysis” by X-ray, neutron and electron scattering and X-ray fluorescence applied to material science, ranging from fundamental requirements to technically relevant industrial and academic applications. The combined analysis method has been developed over the years starting from the Rietveld method, extending it to most of the powder diffraction analyses and more recently incorporating, on the same idea, other techniques such as reflectivity, X-ray fluorescence and electron diffraction.

The aim is to give students as well as academic and non-academic researchers the necessary information and tools to be able to characterise their own materials and samples using the combined analysis method and the software MAUD. The characterisation involves obtaining information on the structure, microstructure, phase and elemental content, texture, stress in different kind of samples and structures including: thin films, bulk materials, anisotropic materials, poly-phased materials, nano-materials, etc.
Each type of analysis will be considered individually for the proper technique and then integrated into a combined analysis program. Some specific examples will be studied using X-ray, electron and neutron experimental data.
The objective is to bring together participants from various fields and to provide an opportunity to discuss individual interests and experience.
XRD, XRF and electron microscopy equipment available at the Dipartimento Ingegneria Industriale (DII) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) will be used to demonstrate technical aspects and to support the theoretical and practical issues of this course. Several exercises will be performed with the MAUD and related software directly at the computer.


Fondazione Bruno Kessler, via Sommarive 18, 38123 Trento, Italy

Scientific Committee

Luca Lutterotti, DII, Università degli Studi di Trento (Luca)

Giancarlo Pepponi, FBK (Giancarlo)

Organising secretary

Communication and Events Service, Università degli Studi di Trento (Martina)


You can download the program of the week here.

Specific topics

Beam-matter interactions

Instrumentation and measurements

The Rietveld method

Structural and Quantitative Phase Analysis

Size-strain broadening, planar defects, nano-structured materials and amorphous analysis

X-ray, Neutron and Electron Diffraction (XRD, ND-TOF, SAED)

Crystallographic Texture and Residual Stress Analysis

Reflectivity analysis (XRR)

X-ray and Electron excited fluorescence analysis (XRF, EDS)

XRR-XRD-XRF combined

SAED-EDS combined


Juan Gomez Barreiro, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Philippe Boullay, CRISMAT-ENSICAEN, Caen, France

Daniel Chateigner, CRISMAT-ENSICAEN, Caen, France

Christophe Fontugne, INEL, Artenay, France

Stefano Gialanella, Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento, Italy

Matteo Leoni, Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento, Italy

Luca Lutterotti, Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento, Italy

Giancarlo Pepponi, FBK, Trento, Italy

Christina Streli, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Hans-Rudolf Wenk, Univ. California at Berkeley, USA

Lab and practical sessions

Mauro Bortolotti, DII, Università degli Studi di Trento (Mauro)

Gloria Ischia, DII, Università degli Studi di Trento (Gloria)

Victor Micheli, FMPS, FBK (Victor)

Registration fees 

Until September 18, 2015

  • Students: 250 €
  • All others: 400 €

After September 18, 2015

  • Students: 300 €
  • All others: 500 €

The link for registration and payment with information on hotels and venue is available here.

In order to ensure and encourage individual interaction the number of participants will be limited to 40.

Registration fees include: admission and participation to the course, coffee breaks, lunches, reception and conference dinner, program and workshop abstracts

What is not included : hotel, transportation, other subsistence …

Necessary pre-requisites

Basic knowledge of crystallography and diffraction techniques

Good practice in the use of computers

Bring your laptop for the practical sessions (if it is not possible let us know)

Tools and resources





Do you wish to contribuite and sponsor the event?
Contact the organisers: Luca Lutterotti or Giancarlo Pepponi

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