Maud2015 material

You can download here some examples and updated files to work on the Maud2015 school in Trento.

Presentation PDFs:

Radiation Interaction with Matter by G. Pepponi
Instruments for the Combined Analysis at INEL by H. Pilliere
Classical Rietveld Analysis by L. Lutterotti
Microstructure analysis II: Rietveld-PDF analysis by L. Lutterotti
X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy by C. Streli
Grazing Incidence X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis and X-ray Reflectivity by G. Pepponi
Classical Texture Analysis by D. Chateigner
Texture and deformations: from metals to materials under high pressure by H.-R. Wenk
Analytical Electron Microscopy: A multiple-tool technique for combined analysis by S. Gialanella
Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials using Electron Diffraction by P. Boullay

Examples for in class tutorials:

PbTiO3 XRD/XRF analysis
Ti film XRR/GiXRF example
InGaAs Rietveld-PDF analysis (from pdfgetx2 tutorials)

MAUD Texture Tutorials
It contains:
Diffraction image for CeO2 standard: CeO2-00010.tif
Extracted diffraction patterns for CeO2 standard: CeO2-00010.esg
Crystallography information file (crystal structure) for CeO2: CeO2.cif
Refined instrument parameters for CeO2: CeO2-2013.ins
MAUD parameter file for CeO2 with completed analysis (for checking): CeO2-2013.par
Coin example:
It contains:
Diffraction images for Nickel coin: Nickel-00178-40.tif Nickel-00179-20.tif, Nickel-00180-0.tif, Nickel-00181+20.tif, Nickel-00182+40.tif
Extracted diffraction patterns for Nickel coin: Nickel-00178-40.esg, Nickel-00179-20.esg, Nickel-00180-0.esg, Nickel-00181+20.esg, Nickel-00182+40.esg
Refined instrument parameters for CeO2: CeO2-2013.ins
MAUD parameter file for Nickel coin with completed analysis (for checking): Nickel-coin.par
MgFeO at high pressure (DAC)

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