New Maud forum opening

UPDATE: on 6 February I gave up with that forum that was abandoned probably and re-opened a new one at I hope this time there will be no problems.

So every Maud user is encouraged to post his problem/question/suggestion there instead of writing us an email. This may help us and everyone.
There are several different topics available: some for the Maud program itself, some more dedicated to analysis problems. Check all the topics before to post.

We will open also a new developer site for Maud, where you will get a chance to browse the Maud source code, help developing it or just posting bugs.

4 Comments on “New Maud forum opening

  1. Hi
    I am beginner in this field. Please help me to make use of all the possibilities of MAUD

    • Please, I would like you all use the forum for this kind of post.
      As a guideline, if you are looking for help, asking with a too general question does not help.
      As a beginner, first, be sure to check the tutorials on Maud. There are video tutorials as well as text. But if you are a beginner in Rietveld analysis and this is what you are looking for it may be better to start reading a bit of literature to understand the basics.
      If you have a specific problem, then you can go to the specific forum section and ask for a more precise problem or help.
      Best regards,


  2. Hi, the forum does not seem to work. I only get a screen asking to install an app for the phone.

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