Batch processing with Maud

I added a link for an old tutorial that was missing from the list: it explain how to perform batch processing with Maud when you have several similar diffraction patterns and you want to analyse all of them and save the results in a file that can be loaded by an spreadsheet program.
Check the Tutorials page.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks a lot for providing batch processing in your program. I have a question regarding this process.
    I have 20 XRD files and I want to do Quantitative Analysis for each of these files by one run and having the result for each of them.

    I tried the manual but I could not run the instruction file with Maud. can you help me regarding this?

    if you could make a tutorial video or a manual with pictures that would help a lot.

    Thanks again for compiling such a great software for x-ray pattern analysis

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