OS X/macOS installation instructions for Maud 2.63 and higher

After downloading the archive, uncompress it if needed (in case you have a Maud.dmg.gz, just double click on it), mount the Maud.dmg by double clicking it and put the Maud.app application where you want to install it.

Start Maud by double clicking the Maud.app.

You will get a window asking for the permission to run the program first.

The following problem should not appears with version 2.84. Maud is an application signed as official developer and in case you just get a notice it is from Luca Lutterotti as developer and asking if you want to run it. Let me know in the comments if this is not the case.
For version < 2.84 (or if you encounter some troubles): If the application does not start, check in your System Preferences, under the Security & Privacy settings. The Allow apps downloaded from: setting should be: Anywhere or Mac App Sore and identified developers. Use the former if the second option still don’t work.


  • Where is the structure.mdb database? In the new version all these accessory files are located in your Home directory under the Documents/maud folder. Also the examples can be found there in a specific subfolder.

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