New Maud version: 2.61

A new Maud version has been uploaded. This new version does not need to install Java, but it has a JVM embedded.
From the Readme:
This will be released as a public beta finally. The version is adressing all installation and first running problems as well as transitioning to the new OSes (starting to use the sandboxing when required). This means you may encounter some issues with the old analysis files like the data is not loaded, but need to be reloaded manually. From this version on, the data is saved inside the analysis file and is no more an option. The XRF computation is now reliable and nearly mature, M and N lines also. To help and to make more easy to insert impurities atoms (fundamental for XRF) the definition of atom sites and content has changed. It is no more necessary to duplicate an atom site to add a different atom. Each atom site may be shared by several different atoms for which only the type and partial occupation must be specified. The sum of all partial occupations in a site is kept by the program normalized to the total occupation of the site that can be also specified. The Java Virtual machine is now embedded in the program and does not need to be separately installed. The installation archive is larger for downoad, but the program run more reliably with the correct JVM it needs. On OS X or future macOS, the program is sandboxed. This means it can only load and save files that the user specifically select or specify through the dialog box or in a special directory inside: ~/Library/Containers/com.radiographema.maud You need also to specify the extension when saving. Is no more added by default (for datafiles and analysis files).

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