New Maud beta version 2.63

We got a quick feedback on the 2.61 version released 2 days ago. There was a problem loading multiple datafiles, the bug has been fixed with the new beta 2.62 and 2.63. Some directory fixing has been done in 2.63.
In the new 2.63 version, sandboxing on OS X has been disabled. When loading old analysis files, if a File Dialog window appears, it is asking for a datafile that is no more able to find. Unluckily on certain systems, the info string specifying what is missing, does not show up. If you have the console visible, in a position not masked by other windows, a message appears also there with the name of the missing datafile. For INEL fdt, most of the time is asking for the calibration file.

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  1. I have some materials that are platelets. The x and y dimensions are
    significantly longer than the z dimension. I get strong peaks for reflections that are only in x and y. The z direction reflections are much more rounded. Is there a way to input this into Maud?

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