New version 2.7

Fixed a bug introduced in 2.69 about adding more atoms in the same site.
Fixed the roi selection in ImageJ Maud plugins. Now using any kind of roi (rectangular, circular) only the pixels inside
the roi are used.
Correction of a bug on the weighting schemes by which the default weights were never used and a sqrt of the intensity was forced instead.
Sqrt or default were the same before, now if the datafile define their esd/weight these are used if the weighting scheme in compute options are set to default.
Fixed some problems with the Hippo Wizard: the wizard does not ask anymore for the mapping file if function of type 10 is not used and the options to put different rotations in different dataset has been re-enable. But it is advisable not to use it unless you really need and you know what you do (it means your name does not start by V).

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