New Maud version 2.74

There is a new version of Maud available for download. This is the version that will be used at the 2017 Maud school in Caen. Who is attending the school is encouraged to download and use this version.
It is mainly a bug fix release, but there are as well some improvement. Notably an expert of data for FPSM search-match in the separated plot window (tools menu).
Proceed to the download page.

Update: 27 June 2017, due to an error on the Maud.bat and to launch Maud on the Windows and Linux, there has been a further update to version 2.74.
If you download version 2.73 and it is not working, please re-download version 2.74 or you can just fix version 2.73, by editing Maud.bat or (Windows and Linux only) and change the jre1.8.0_102 with jre1.8.0_131 and it should work.
For Mac OS, the is signed by me, so in principle on the first run it should recognised the developer, but sometimes it does not, in case it will not start complaining it is from an unknown developer. To run it, open the System Preferences panel and under Security & Privacy confirm that you want to run it. After that it will never complain again. I would like to know if in version 2.74 it recognises me as developer or not (please use the comments below).

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