New version 2.76

A new version, 2.76, as been uploaded. Especially if you are using version2.74, you are strongly advised to update to get a more bugs corrected version.
From the notes:

2.76: Now if you have the “default.par” file messed up (the one loaded
by Maud when you choose “New analysis”) you can start a new
analysis, delete all the objects you have (first all phases if
any, than the sample), the sample and the dataset will be recreated
as the default one. Then, save the analysis, this new default.par
will be saved over the one messed up.
Now, when you edit the dataset, under general you can specify and
force a specific dataset to use random texture and no strains.
This is usefull when you mix datasets measured under stress with
data measured with no stress applied. Same as for texture.

2.75: On Mac OS by mistake the use of the cctbx library for space group
calculation was activated, but it is still not fully working.
I removed the library to avoid the problem and it will be added
only when ready.
Now when you create a new dataset, the default instrument will
correctly define the default “Instrument disalignment” model
for the angular calibration as the twotheta shift error has
been removed and substituted by this model.

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