Year: 2018

MAUD school in Trento, 3-7 September 2018

The MAUD school in Trento has opened the web page and registration, check it out. MAUD 2018 school web page The tentative program is available for download here. Main focus will be Phase and Chemical Quantitative Analysis using combined XRD

Maud in the past

Received by Evgeny searching about MAUD: Here is about the history of the atomic bomb: The MAUD Committee (not yet named) first met on April 10, 1940 to consider Britain’s actions regarding the recent discovery of

New version 2.80

Version 2.80 is available for download now. Minor bugs fixing on esg datafiles import to ensure compatibility with old formats. Added a title field to the main window where you can put some comments on the analysis to keep memory.