New version 2.80

Version 2.80 is available for download now. Minor bugs fixing on esg datafiles import to ensure compatibility with old formats.
Added a title field to the main window where you can put some comments on the analysis to keep memory.
Go to the download page. As a note, the dropbox location will be always the first to get updated.

6 comments on “New version 2.80
  1. Meradi says:

    New version 2.80

  2. Duboscq Julien says:

    Hello, I’ve some troubles with de latest version of MAUD running on macOS High Sierra. I don’t have the top buttons “File, Edit, Analysis, Graphic, Special, Interface, Help”. And it’s the same for other windows like “Plot selected dataset” (what is reachable by cmd+P), I can’t see “File, Edit, Plotting, Tools”.

    Is there a solution ?

    Thank you

  3. Renato Bastos GuimarĂ£es says:

    Excelent software.

  4. zein heiba says:

    the crystallite size and microstarin values are not present in the ‘results’ lst

  5. Konstantin says:


  6. Yichi Zhang says:

    I have used both v2.33 and v2.80 to refine the same data but ended up with two very different lattice parameters. What is going on?

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