Trento Maud School 2018

Slides available for download (a copy of them are available also at Daniel formation examples and tutorials):

Info PDF
General program MaudTrento2018Program.pdf
Giancarlo: Ray Matter Interactions maud_school_RM_2018_interactions_pepponi_final.pdf
Luca: Classical Rietveld Analysis + QPA Luca_ClassicalRietveldAnalysis+QPA.pdf
Christophe: Instrumentation & measurements MAUD-Trento Termofisher presentation.pdf
Daniel: Microstructure analysis & Texture Chateigner_QMA_Trento_2018.pdf
Saulius & Andrius: Open Crystallographic & Spectral Databases COD_Saulius_slides.pdf
Luca: Microstructure II MaudmicrostructuralAnalysis_Luca.pdf
Stefano: Analytical Electron Diffraction AEM_Introduction_Diffraction_CEM_Gialanella-MAUD_2018.pdf
Luca: Electron Diffraction & Image2D ElectronDiffraction_Images2D.pdf
Philippe: Maud2015 ED slides MAUD2015-Philippe.pdf

Other material (examples etc.):

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  1. I have download the Maud Program but unable to install it. Kindly help me to install it.

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