Maud version 2.84

Version 2.84 is available for download now.

This version is using Java 11 and some problems on Windows seem to be resolved:
– no problems of small fonts on High Resolution screens
– no need to add the Java Prefs with regedit

But there is no more 32 bits version available, only 64.

There are also some improvements and bugs correction.

Proceed to the download page.

3 comments on “Maud version 2.84
  1. TEDDY TITE says:

    Thanks very much to provide us this software to help us in XRD data analysis

  2. ZJV says:

    I need a version of the MAUD software that is compatible with the 32-bit operating system. How can i get it؟

  3. MengSong says:

    Thanks very much,It’s a very important and precise software to do xrd data analysis.

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