New Maud version 2.93

The new version is out with some bug fixing under the hood. Main one is on strain computation that was accidentally disabled in 2.92. Also the plugins system has been completely rewritten as it was not working properly recently. Check the readme in the help for more. There are also some minor bugs corrected, so it is advised to download and use this new version.

5 Comments on “New Maud version 2.93

  1. MAUD is not running after download. What is wrong with it?
    I have new Java and Flash. What is missing in your product?
    I have followed youtube instructions and see the youtubers have a file to “accept licence terms and conditions”. My download does not have that. What is going on?

  2. i have a problem. Maud loads a file .ASC

    then it plots it as intensity vs energy not 2theta.

    I adjusted the x axis to default. the problem still persists!!!

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