Maud new version 2.96

After long here is a new small update of the program, new Java VM and some bugs corrected. Added conversion of .odeiger image file (exported by Crysalis software) to tiff for proper import in Maud. The conversion is in the ImageJ plugin.

2 Comments on “Maud new version 2.96

  1. Dear Prof. Dr. Lutterotti,

    Many thanks for the two recent updates of MAUD, it’s well appreciated!
    Did you get chance to take a look of the new version of xrdml file from Panalytical?
    The DataCollector version 6.x write new keywords in this file, and MAUD can NOT load it properly.
    Right now, Match!, GSAS II, Winplotr, and Profex can read this new format.
    Could you please add this feature in MAUD ASAP? Thank you very much for your great efforts!
    If necessary, I can share a pattern in xrdml from DataCollector version 6.x with you.

    Best regards,


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