MAUD new version 2.97

In this version the 2D plotting of multispectral has been improved to avoid interpolation over existing gaps in data and showing instead those gaps. Some improvements also to the image integration. There is a new video tutorial associated to this version showing how to work with gaps in images or create some removing data. The video tutorial is available on the Maud youtube channel or here. To download the new version of MAUD go to the download page.

3 Comments on “MAUD new version 2.97

  1. Hi, it is my first time using Maud. But when I was the download the last version for windows, I don’t find the Maud.bat archive in zip content. Did was some problem with ziped contents? Could you please help me? Thank you.

  2. This is the first lesson on how to use the Rietveld program Maud for the analysis of diffraction patterns. It’s a brief introduction to see how to download, install and first run of the program.

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