MAUD new version 1.993

The angle conversion routine at the base of all texture, absorption and geometry corrections has been re-worked from scratch. There is a Maud preference to either use the new one or the old one (1.992 and before): testing.useNewRotationMatrices if set to true the new conversion will be used. It is true by default. The angle conversion used is still the one defined in Figure 1 of the paper: Grasslin et al. J. Appl. Cryst. 46, 173-180, 2013. There is one error in the appendix there: in the matrix multiplication not only the Theta matrix should have a minus sign, but also the Eta matrix just after Theta. Otherwise we end up with the wrong rotation as it has been corrected in version 2.992 (see notes below). Please notice that not all rotations are CCW or right ended. But this is what it is in Maud. For the sample the angles are not changing the coordinates system, but adding the angles of rotation. The difference is that of the sign of the angle. So in Maud it is the same sign or rotation as for the goniometer rotations and not the inverse rotation as it should be for a change in the coordinates system of the sample. There is the possibility now to change the background in all the openGl renderings (the rotating 3D figures like the crystallite etc.). You have to edit the Properties.3D file in the maud directory (located under your user home directory in AppData/Local in Windows or Documents for MacOS/Linux). At the end of the “# Crystallite” section before “# Pole Figure” there may be a line: 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 // Background only OpenGl if the line is not there but it ends with “”// Shineness …”, just add this new line for the background. The 4 numbers are the Red Green Blue and Alpha values for the background color. All zeros is for a black background. The maximum value is 1.0 for all 4 and corresponds to white. You have to edit the file before starting Maud. Otherwise just restart it to change the color.

To download the new version of MAUD go to the download page.

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