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MAUD school in Caen 2019 (Update 30/7/2019)

Update: the school was canceled. We are planning a new one for next year, mainly texture-stress based, and one in Trento beginning next year more about quantitative phase and chemical analyses (XRD+XRF+Raman?). The 10th session of this workshop will take

New version 2.79

Fixed the Hippo wizard! Revised image import for TIFF images to simplify loading, calibrating and slicing.

New version 2.76

A new version, 2.76, as been uploaded. Especially if you are using version2.74, you are strongly advised to update to get a more bugs corrected version. From the notes: 2.76: Now if you have the “default.par” file messed up (the

Maud on Twitter

As there are some people who are not able to reach these pages from the workplace (due to the 8080 port), I created a twitter account for Maud with a link to a Dropbox folder with all the latest installers

New version 2.71

The “Coco Bongo” release. Speed up of the spherical component calculation in standard functions in the case of texture broadening coefficients. Corrected the behaviour of the omega offset in the Hippo Wizard.

New version 2.7

Fixed a bug introduced in 2.69 about adding more atoms in the same site. Fixed the roi selection in ImageJ Maud plugins. Now using any kind of roi (rectangular, circular) only the pixels inside the roi are used. Correction of

Maud north and south users

Just checking the visitors map this morning, by curiosity I noted that the visitor more north is from Oulu, Finland and the more south is from Wellington, New Zealand. But this is only for the month of June. I haven’t

New carbon nanotube structure

Today I discovered a new carbon nanotube structure. Actually I didn’t discover it by an experiment, but in internet. I could not trust my eyes…. Check it out here Comments welcome!

New Maud Site!

Welcome to the new Maud web site. As it is constructed as a blog site we will try to keep it updated with more blogging!