New version: 2.993 released FEBRUARY 16, 2022. A new version have been added using the OpenJDK version of Java as we learned Oracle is charging Universities for using Java. The OpenJDK is free to use. For MacOS the OpenJDK was in use also before, so we continue with it and there is no Oracle version. For Linux and Windows, if no problems are reported for the OpenJDK, the Oracle version will be removed in the future. One additional notes: with the OpenJDK we are jumping from Java 13 to Java 16 (the Oracle version will remain Java 13).

You can download it from gdrive at:

Maud gdrive share

or Dropbox at:

DropBox Maud program

Dropbox is always the first to get the new version. Maud does not need installation, but in case you have problems figuring out how to put it in your computer and running the first time, check the Instructions for your version.

If you cannot access the gdrive or dropbox, download it here:

System32/64 bitInstructionsDownloads (Java openjdk included)Downloads (Oracle Java jdk included)
OS X/macOS64InstallationDownload the openjdk version