New version: 2.84 released December 7, 2018

You can download it from DropBox at:
DropBox Maud program

Dropbox is always the first to get the new version. Maud does not need installation, but in case you have problems figuring out how to put it in your computer and running the first time, check the Instructions for your version.

If you cannot access the dropbox, download it here:

System 32/64 bit Instructions Downloads (complete)
Windows 64 Installation
OS X/macOS 64 Installation
Unix/Linux 64 Installation

Old version: 2.71 (2.55 for OS X <= 10.6) released August 17, 2016

System 32/64 bit Instructions Downloads
Windows 32 Installation
Windows 64 Installation
OSX 10.6 (v. 2.55) 32/64 Installation
OSX > 10.6 64 Installation
Unix/Linux 32 Installation
Unix/Linux 64 Installation