These are some links useful for Maud:

  • The Maud forum, new from 6 February 2016 as the one before worked only for a limited time. Sorry for who has spent some time registering to it. Use it to post questions/suggestions/problems working with Maud or in general about the kind of analyses we do.
  • Crystallography Open Database: this could be your main source of crystal structures CIF files. You can search, download the CIF file you need an import them in Maud. Help improving the COD database by uploading CIF structures when you publish one or if you have some you want to share.
  • Full Profile Search Match: this is a new kind of search-match using the Rietveld as core algorithm to search for the phases. It is not based on peaks location, just use only the full profile pattern. This is just a demonstration site, if you want to try it, restrict the number of phases to search by composition. If the search has too many phases to check (more than 5000 typically) the computation may need more than a couple of minutes and the proxy or the web server may cut the connection. This means you will not get a response. We will work around this problem in a near future (may be using emails to send back results not relying on a connection still open).
13 comments on “Links
  1. J De Vero says:

    I want to know where can I find R3c on the list of space-group? It seems that from the pull down menu under cubic space group R3c is missing or do you have a corresponding name for R3c that I am not aware of. Thank you for your kind reply.



  2. J De Vero says:

    Sorry i fond it under trigonal/ Sorry

  3. Stefano Zilio says:

    The link to FPSM software doesn’t work. Thank you for your kind reply.

    • admin says:

      I just tried now and from outside the University, it works for me. Try it again and tell if it is still not working for you!

  4. Stefano Zilio says:

    In the background function, how can I use the function Set interpolation points manually? That is, the plot windows is open, but how can I select the points? Thank you

  5. Jim Zagkliveris says:

    Could you explain me please how to create a compatible datafile from my .xls file of XR-D data? Thank you!

    • Joe Beach says:

      Jim – did anyone get back to you about the allowed xrd data formats? I have gone through the quantitative phase analysis tutorial and now I would like to analyze my own xrd data, but I’m not sure how to format the file.

  6. Kat says:

    After quantitative wizard analysis, how can i define the amorphous and crystalline percent by maud program?

  7. Rida says:

    What method the quantitative phase analysis is calculated?

  8. AH says:

    I want to know where I can find the file named “structures” for add the phase. Ty


    how to download the free software for mineral phase identification in XRD paattern?

    • admin says:

      It is not available at the moment for download.
      In the future there will be a standalone software with it, but probably from a distributor. I cannot say much at the moment.

  10. mustafa says:

    Furthermore, startlog file says :

    Adding to classpath: lib\swingx.jar
    Adding to classpath: lib\xgridagent.jar
    Adding to classpath: lib\xgridlib.jar
    Plugins dir: C:\Users\ofis\AppData\Local\maud\plugins
    Plugins dir not found!
    Loading Maud preferences
    Loading Interface preferences
    Activating the console!
    Starting new console!

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